The Gay Activists Alliance and other LGBT activists held a “demonstration of affection” protest on October 16, 1970, at the Gold Rail Tavern near Columbia University after the management had refused service to a gay patron.

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Credit: Christopher D. Brazee/NYC LGBT Historic Sites Project, 2019.

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The Gay Activists Alliance (GAA) planned a zap for October 16, 1970, at the Gold Rail Tavern on Broadway near West 111th Street in Morningside Heights. This was a mixed (gay and straight) bar and restaurant, popular with Columbia University students, that was listed in the New York City Gay Scene Guide in 1968 as having a “casual, informal gay crowd.” The tavern had, however, refused service a few days prior to a gay man who was expressing affection with a friend.

The “demonstration of affection” protest that was held by about 50 people crowding the tavern, including about 20 to 30 GAA members, consisted of the attendees chanting, leafleting, and kissing. The stunned tavern management apologized for the prior incident, and promised not to discriminate against LGBT patrons in the future.

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