You Could Be in a Gay Bar Right Now and Not Even Know It

By: Brian Sloan

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A lesbian bar from the 1920s. A “fairy den” from the 1890s. An Ecstasy-fueled disco from the 1990s. Celebrating the hidden places in Manhattan where gay night life once flourished.

Eve Addams Tea Room
Visitors gathered outside the site of the Eve Addam’s Tearoom, a lesbian hangout in the 1920s.
NYT Gay Bar Was Here
The Gay Bars That Are Gone tour paid homage to the Palladium near Union Square, a former club that is now a dormitory. Credit Amy Lombard for The New York Times

“Amanda Davis, a historian for the NYC L.G.B.T. Historic Sites Project, offered a history lesson in front of the former Eve Addams’ Tea Room (129 MacDougal Street), a lesbian hot spot from the mid-1920s run by a Polish-Jewish émigré named Eva Kotchever. A sign on the door, she said, once warned: ‘Men are admitted, but not welcome.'”

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