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This page provides guides and educational video segments that delve into LGBTQ place-based history in New York City. The accompanying PDFs can be downloaded and shared with your students. Links below videos can also be shared with students.

We have documented over 330 historic sites that provide a diverse and compelling look at New York City’s LGBTQ past and the community’s influence on American culture. Video segments – each under ten minutes – are led by the NYC LGBT Historic Sites Project team. The videos include contemporary and archival images and provide a general overview of a thematic selection of sites featured on our website. We encourage you and your students to explore the website for more in-depth information and for lists of additional sources.

Teacher's Guide

This video provides guidelines to teachers who would like to learn more about teaching LGBTQ place-based history in the classroom by using the project website as a resource.

Student’s Guide

This video shows students how to engage in LGBTQ place-based history by using the project website as a resource.

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Stonewall & Greenwich Village LGBTQ History Tour

In this video, students will explore the Stonewall Inn, site of the 1969 uprising, and other sites in the surrounding area.

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LGBTQ Discrimination & Activism History Tour

In this video, students will learn about historic places where LGBTQ New Yorkers have faced discrimination and where they have fought back through activism and protest.

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Black LGBTQ History & Culture Tour

In this video, students will discover historic places where the Black LGBTQ community has made an impact on New York City and American culture.

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