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You can help further our efforts by suggesting existing historic sites throughout New York City or volunteering a particular skill.

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New York City boasts perhaps the most diverse LGBT community in the world, and we want our map to reflect that diversity. Help us make it as inclusive and comprehensive as possible by suggesting historic sites throughout the five boroughs!

We are looking for existing sites that date from the city’s founding in the 17th century to the year 2000. These should be sites that are significant to the city’s LGBT history and/or those that reflect the LGBT community’s impact on New York and American history.

Sites include activist demonstration and meeting locations, performance venues, former residences of notable people, works of public art and architecture, medical facilities associated with the AIDS crisis, and important social centers such as community spaces and bars, clubs, and restaurants.

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There are a number of ways that you can help us make sure this survey is as comprehensive and inclusive as possible.

Contact us if you have:

  • research or knowledge about a particular subject that could help guide us to more historic sites
  • a skill that you could lend towards the project
  • historic photographs or videos
  • an organization that you’d like us to give a public presentation to in order to expand awareness of our work
  • suggestions on resources, archives, or people we should contact in order to help us document lesser-known histories and communities
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Photo Above

The Black Lesbian Caucus, a subcommittee of the Gay Activists Alliance, walks in the 1972 NYC Gay Pride March. Members of the caucus would later form the Salsa Soul Sisters, the oldest African-American lesbian organization in the United States. Photographer and source unknown.